Fair Use Policy

This Policy relates to the usage of all Duplia’s broadband services. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that our customers have access to reliable broadband connections. This involves monitoring the amount of download usage and managing traffic on our network.

Any use of our broadband services by a customer, or anyone else via a customer’s account, must comply with this Policy. If there is a breach of this Policy by the customer’s account, we may:

a) contact the customer with notice of your usage and action to stop or moderate the unacceptable use;

b) restrict the customer’s usage and broadband speeds; or

c) terminate or suspend the customer’s service, with or without notice as we consider appropriate.

This Policy is in addition to the Broadband Terms and Conditions of Service for Duplia.

1. Unacceptable Use

You must not use Duplia’s broadband services for:

a)  fraudulent, unlawful, criminal or otherwise illegal activities;

b)  sending, receiving, publishing, posting, distributing, uploading or downloading any material that is illegal, offensive, abusive or indecent;

c)  continually excessive use, for example, by sending or downloading very large files or using peer-to-peer file sharing software;

d)  knowingly or carelessly creating, transmitting, storing, publishing or uploading any electronic material which is known or likely to cause, damage or destroy computer software, hardware or equipment owned by either Duplia or any other customer or person;

e)  anything that may disrupt or interfere with our network or broadband services;

f)  granting access to the Duplia broadband service to others not located at the premises at which the account is connected, or, in any way reselling the broadband service to third parties;


2. Network Security

You are responsible for ensuring that security information remains confidential to prevent the network from being accessed by any unauthorised person, including responsibility for:

a)  the provision of information for any equipment, hardware, software or systems relating to the network;

b)  the provision of any security information to any third parties;

c)  the improper use of the network, including using security information to access, or attempt to access, parts of the service for which you do not have access rights;

d)  shared access with others. Any usage others make on your connection will be attributed to your account.

3. Account Users

It is often the case that as an account holder, you are unaware of everyone’s exact usage in your household or premises. However, it is your responsibility as account holder:

a)  for all use of the Duplia broadband service through your account and for any breach of this policy whether you were aware of said usage or not. You agree that Duplia are not responsible for any of your account activities using the Duplia service and network;

b)  to determine the appropriateness of the content accessed via Duplia’s services for anyone within your household or premises, including employees and children.

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