Business Broadband

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Package Addons

VoIP Phone

2,000 minutes to UK landline & mobiles, any time.

£15 / month
Mesh WiFi Extender

Boost WiFi coverage with the latest generation Mesh System.

£4.17 / month per unit
Looking for more? Just ask us about dedicated leased lines for your business.
Business Priority

Receive network priority with our business broadband plans, ensuring that your business stays connected when it counts.

Local Support

No call centres or queues, just our friendly, local support team based in the heart of Gloucestershire, serving you from installation to aftercare.

Completely Scalable​

From 25 Mbps to 10 Gbps we can support your business's connectivity needs whether it's large or small.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s simple, we operate and deploy our own network infrastructure. We don’t use existing copper or fibre networks. This allows us to target specific areas in need and provide service without the speed and quality limitations that your current provider applies.

It’s neither. The technology we use is very similar to the one found in most home WiFi routers. The only difference is that the technology has been adapted to cover further distances with the use of different antenna types.

We don’t require you to have a fixed-line for our broadband service, however, if you would like to keep your existing landline phone, then the answer is yes. Alternatively, you can switch to a VoIP phone system and complete all of your calls over the internet which is often cheaper and in most cases, you can bring your existing phone number with you.

While the UK isn’t known for its great weather, the frequency spectrum that we utilise operates through all kinds of weather conditions without any noticeable impact. Fixed wireless technology is used all over the world in much harsher climates than the UK experiences.

Depending on your property location, you can expect to experience latency in the region of 10 – 30ms. Generally, latency below 50ms is considered ‘good’ in the industry.

Duplia delivers Superfast and Ultrafast broadband connections to homes & businesses. Utilising both Fixed Wireless and Full Fibre technologies.

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